Waffles for keeps

So what does a software engineer, landscape designer, and a student have in common? If you guessed waffles the divine breakfast dish, you are half right. Founders of the Waffle Sole SG group, a local-based community for all things Vans, the love for the iconic skate shoe brand had brought the trio together. Meet the

“Vanpire” Off The Wall

In championing authenticity, creativity, and originality, which better advocate, none other than Vans “off the wall”? We managed to hook up with local avid Vans collector, Deepie Lee, self-declared the “most loved yet hated individual in this SG scene.” Read on for the juiciest scoop. For the uninitiated, Vans is more than just a streetwear

Unusual Consortium Runners Edition

Despite the huge turn around in sneaker game, we are always astonished to those who remain loyal to their choice of sneakers. Meet these true blue enthusiasts of what we call it, ‘Runners’. Carrick, @ricksikreto is a sneaker aficionado with deep and unstoppable fondness to retro trainers. Despite his preference, he respects other sneaker brands

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