The A-Z of Sneakers Slang

You don’t have to say, “what?!”  when you sneakerhead friends are talking.  Be in-the-know by getting these words run like oil in your tongues.  You’ll be surprised,  your other friends will be learning from you, too.


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ACG – All Conditions Gear.

Alphet – say  “Outfit” with style.

Aglets – those plastic things on the end of shoelaces.

Beaters – your favorite kicks,  that you wear over and over,  showing wear and tear



Colorways – any of a range of combinations of colours in which a style or design is available.

Cop – to buy

Cozy Boy –  when you’re feeling comfortable  with your style

Crepes –  synonym  for sneakers.

Crispy –  clean and tidy


Double up – when you love a pair of kicks so much and you move heaven and earth, to buy one more pair

Factory laced-  when a pair of kicks are totally untouched. The laces are as they were when they came out of the factory.

Fragment/Fragment’s –  collaborate designs usually with Nike, on very limited editions. 

Friends and Family – when a pair is so rare, it seems to have been made for their loved-ones exclusively.


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Garms – garments a.k.a clothes

GR – General Release ; something that’s easy to find and it becomes  less swaggy.

GS – Grade school.  Kicks that are made for kids, but the ladies cop them because it’s their size.

Gum sole  –  the sole is dark brown, textured gum rubber for greater traction.


Hypebeast – those that buys sneakers based on popularity, hype or twitter posts from celebrities, bloggers and other “cool” personas.

Instacop – when a release is just dope, and you it at first chance, at all cost.

Jumpman – the iconic Jordan Logo, created by Nike’s Peter Moore

Kicks – shoes, sneakers, footwear

OGs – originals.  Not a retro nor a re-release.  It’s the 1st of its kind.

Lit –  so awesome, it’s on fire.

Size Run –  refers to the amount of sneakers a retailer or a reseller has on-stock.  A Full-size run means a retailer has from size 6 to 12.


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Pack –  shoes that are released as a series

Retro –  a shoe style that had a good run in the past, that is being re-released

Steez/Steezy – combination of  style and ease. 

Tonal –  shoes that are in single color

Upper –  anything above the sole  

A nickname for Kanye West and any sneakers he’s created or helped design.

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