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Beauty Queen Turned #ladyboss

She had donned many hats in the service and entertainment scene, from modelling, to winning beauty pageants, to serving as an SIA stewardess. And now, she’s the #ladyboss and doubling up as an emcee for her very own talent agency, AnticipatingDiva. With beauty, brains, and rocking a sassy attitude in killer streetwear, Cordelia Low is

Life in the fast lane

Meet the real-life Sean Boswell, pro race car driver, professed rebel, Kenshiro Gushi. Except, instead of moving from the US to Japan, Okinawa borned Ken Gushi was raised in LA from the age of two. He vividly remembered his first taste of drifting at the age of 13, in a rear-wheel drive 1985 Toyota Corolla