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When #hypebae digs Hot Toys.

  Sneakers and hot toys have a lot in common. They’re sought after by collectors who are indulging their inner kid at heart. More often that not, the issue is the not cost, but whether it’s available for purchase due to the limited nature of a production run. We all have heard of #hypebaes who

Mercenaries: Killin’ For A Livin’

Staying true to its roots in heavy music, Mercenaries, a new Philippine based apparel brand aims to slay the streetwear scene by bringing on em’ badass metal/rock inspired vibes. The brainchild of Filipino Metalcore band Valley of Chrome‘s frontman, Rogel Africa, and streetwear architect, Heinritzh Sales, Mercenaries lives and breathes the mantra of “Killin’ it daily”, a positive


  Amsterdam, The Netherlands –  Quickstrikeasia travelled far and wide to bring you our exciting feature for this month. She has this flair that makes you shake your head and whistle. There’s something alluring yet so mysterious about her. Today we unmask Nicole Desiree,   Indonesia-Dutch #hypebae  who goes by the IG call sign @ninpoi.

Warmed Hearts from Coldplay.

Never in recent history in the concert scene here in Asia, had an audience continue to rave and  marvel about the experience, for many days, especially in social media – than the recent Coldplay Asia Tour 2017.  It seems that everyone who shared that colorful night of music, have been tied together in spirits. Coldplay’s A

#hypebae When the Beast is a Female.

  Who says Hypebeasts are only relegated to the boys, men and dudes?   Girls are also taking-over this world of cool sneakers, edgy streetwear fashion and the Attitude – ready to take-on the hypebeast lifestyle. To all #hypebae out there –   if you need some inspiration to support your OOTD be sure to

Final Cut: Sneaks & Snacks

In our final cut of our series on Manila’s latest hotspot, Sneaks and Snacks, Philippines first-ever  sneaker shop x burger bar,    let’s have a look at some of their mouth-watering fare, that is lives up to their tagline, “gourmet not fast food.” As you are digging into these slices of prime beef and fries sprinkled with

Meet the Sneaks & Snacks Squad (Part II)

L to R : Joey Layno, Jonathan Conti, Steve Mocsoy We’re back with our next installment of the squad behind Philippines’ first-ever  Sneaker x Burger Bar,  Sneaks and Snacks. If you missed our feature on this newest joint in Metro Manila, check out our earlier feature, When Kicks & Bites Collide. Today, we bring to light