Waffles For Keeps

So what does a software engineer, landscape designer, and a student have in common? If you guessed waffles the divine breakfast dish, you are half right. Founders of the Waffle Sole SG group, a local-based community for all things Vans, the love for the iconic skate shoe brand had brought the trio together. Meet the squad. Billie Santiago, software engineer. […]

A Closer Look at Mi Ultimo : Winner, Vans Musicians Wanted 2017

Mi Ultimo, a 5 piece metal band composed of Filipinos working as professionals in Singapore took the top spot of the Vans Musicians Wanted 2017,  brainchild of the House of Vans.   This is the competition’s second year in Singapore.   The group won a trip to Guangzhou, China and a cheque for $800. Quickstrike Asia sat down with this amazing musicians […]

"Vanpire" Off The Wall

In championing authenticity, creativity, and originality, which better advocate, none other than “off the wall” Vans? We managed to hook up with local avid Vans collector, Deepie Lee, self-declared the “most loved yet hated individual in this SG scene.” Read on for the juiciest scoop. For the uninitiated, Vans is more than just a streetwear label worn by skateboarding punks. […]

Beauty Queen Turned #ladyboss

She had donned many hats in the service and entertainment scene, from modelling, to winning beauty pageants, to serving as an SIA stewardess. And now, she’s the #ladyboss and doubling up as an emcee for her very own talent agency, AnticipatingDiva. With beauty, brains, and rocking a sassy attitude in killer streetwear, Cordelia Low is sure our kind of hypebae. […]

Life in the fast lane

Meet the real-life Sean Boswell, pro race car driver, professed rebel, Kenshiro Gushi. Except, instead of moving from the US to Japan, Okinawa borned Ken Gushi was raised in LA from the age of two. He vividly remembered his first taste of drifting at the age of 13, in a rear-wheel drive 1985 Toyota Corolla at the El Mirage Dry […]


OG’s, OG’s and more OG’s. Located at Orchardgateway is a mini-OG studio run by most commonly known as Uncle Jack. Union Studios offers goods that you probably missed out on shelves. The studio is reppin’ array of products, from most coveted Jumpman pairs to the most nostalgic get-up from the 90’s. Even if you’re not a Jordan head there’s still […]