Not Just Another Girl: Jhosen Aragon

By Jerome, Quickstrikeasia Manila It’s painfully rare to meet a girl who goes head over heels for kicks, rather than designer bags, make-up, and fancy dresses. Well, meet unusual it-girl Jhosen Aragon – waffles freak, hypebae, hustler. Telco exec by day, her love affair with sneakers started way back when she was still in high school. “I’m not the typical […]

Patrick Plata: The Waffle Chef

By Jerome, Quickstrikeasia Manila Set the table, put on your napkin, and sharpen those forks and knives, ‘cos here comes your regular serving of Food for the Sole. Today’s dish is the all classic waffle a la carte topped with flavourful colour schemes and premium signature grooves. Tasty, right? And the person behind all this is none other than Patrick […]

The Sole Keeper from the Hardcourt

By Jerome, Quickstrikeasia Manila Let’s be honest; aside from the heart-stopping dunks, lay-ups, and rainbow shots, there’s one more thing that elicits the oohs and aahs of basketball fans – SNEAKERS! And this is where Jay Mijares, co-founder of The Kickz Stand, tames the roaring crowd on the bleachers. Jay’s obsession with kicks started when his childhood idol Grant Hill’s FILA […]

Spotlight on Smir

By Mia Fortugaleza, Quickstrikeasia Manila Yes, she’s that girl who spends $10K on streetwear a month. Sneaker hobbyist Smirnov’s interest grew from a simple inclination to the streetwear aesthetic to it being an opportunity to thrive in a kind of community that compliments her tomboyish personality. Much like the other females in this male-dominated industry, she strives to inspire and […]


A heart-to-heart with renowned sneaker artist, James Dycoco

By Andy Tubig, Quickstrikeasia Manila Meet James Dycoco, founder of IED Customs, a premium sneaker customizer that specializes in graphic designs and collabs on leather, suede and canvas sneakers. His affinity with sneakers started back in 2014, when he purchased his first few pairs with cash prize won from a photography competition during his days as a Fine Arts student in Singapore. […]