5 Alternatives to the Basic White Stan Smith


It's Sunday, and you're rocking your pristine white Stan Smith kicks.  You're  joining your gang for the Sunday service - when you suddenly notice, everyone else at the church,  are sporting the same thing!

Designed by the tennis player, Robert Haillet in 1965 and popularized by another American tennis player, Stan Smith in 1971; Before we were even born.   Until it became chic again when Adidas relaunched it in 2014 with massive marketing blitz.

But let's face it - Stan Smith has become ubiquitous as Starbucks.  It's around every corner and being there,  has lost its aspirational appeal.

Try out these other alternatives if you're planning to ditch your Stan Smith or just wanting to level it up a notch.

  1. Superstar Adidas  ($80)


2.  Common Projects Original Achilles Sneakers ($415)


3. Nike Tennis Classic ($80)


4. Rag and Bone White Kent Lace- Up ($195)


5.  Saint Laurent Leather Court Optic White  ($545)


Set yourself apart from the pack and get any of these white classic kicks!

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