Meet the Sneaks & Snacks Squad (Part II)

L to R : Joey Layno, Jonathan Conti, Steve Mocsoy

We're back with our next installment of the squad behind Philippines' first-ever  Sneaker x Burger Bar,  Sneaks and Snacks.

If you missed our feature on this newest joint in Metro Manila, check out our earlier feature, When Kicks & Bites Collide.

Today, we bring to light 3 gentlemen, working professionals in Singapore, who have put their love of sneakers into this business venture.

Joel Layno

"Mr. Celebrity" as friends call him, this charismatic father of five is one of the most notable members of the squad.  Joel used to be part of a dance group in the Philippines, probably where he got his youthful vibe.   When asked what got him into the sneaker game,  he quoted a very famous Pinoy line ‘Kicks kesa Chicks’ in English ‘Kicks than Chicks’ as his wife told him. To all the wifeys out there-  we just have to agree on this one!

Needless to say,  Joel’s collection has gone into tons ever since he started this hobby. He highlighted that his favourite pair among all his collections is his Nike SB x Blacksheep , a pair that gained controversy from imitating the Gucci's famous iconic monogram. This is also a special pair for Joel as his very close friend from the squad Steve, gave it to him as a present.

Jonathan Conti

Another member of the SNS squad,  Jonathan Conti,  a humble father of a cute little boy, whom he loves to style in  streetwear fashion. His passion for photography led him to the sneaker game. "Clueless and curious," was how he describes his foray into the sneaker world.  He considers himself a  "late bloomer," despite the fact that, he's been collecting sneakers for 4 years now.   Regardless of being one of the owners of a reseller store, Jonathan blurts out ‘EASY PASS’ on resell prices be it his holy grail, which are the Air Jordan 1s from 1985.

Jonathan describes his style to be "a bit of everything,"  He can rock streetwear look or smart-casual.  His comfort pair is none other than the Nike Flyknit Racer.  When asked  to name a pair that he is most proud of, without any hesitation, "Louis Vuitton Hockenheim Moccasins!"  A gift from his wife which he wore on their big day.  Such a keeper, we have here.

Steve Mocsoy

Who says nurses can’t be cool?  Steve just proves us wrong. Steve grew up in Baguio City, Philippines, a city known for its famous thrift and vintage shops. His game started out at the age of nine by visiting various thrift stores in his city and hauling for rare items.  He sheepishly  confessed that he saved most of his allowance to buy a pairs of sneakers, a habit he began since the age of 9.

But Steve just buys sneakers and thrash them, he doesn’t consider himself as a sneaker collector.

With a deep fondness for longboard, Steve’s sense of style focuses more on comfort. No wonder his go-to sneakers is a pair of Adidas Ultraboost x Hypebeast, his "most cosy beaters", he added.   However, Steve’s most cherished pair is his Vans Old Skool stenciled with his daughter’s name, "Fang Ting,"  personally done by the famous customizer Mark Ong.  To top it all,  Steve was given a gift by Solebox's co-founder, Hikmet Sugoer of a pair of Diadora x Solebox.  Aren't we all envious?  Such luck!

Final look on these 3 gents on their favorite laid-back kicks/


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