Final Cut: Sneaks & Snacks

In our final cut of our series on Manila's latest hotspot, Sneaks and Snacks, Philippines first-ever  sneaker shop x burger bar,    let's have a look at some of their mouth-watering fare, that is lives up to their tagline, "gourmet not fast food."

As you are digging into these slices of prime beef and fries sprinkled with truffle oil -- your eyes can feast on the display of kicks and apparel around the joint.

One of the owners, Manila-based,  Adrian Abenes shows us around.  He admits he does not consider himself a sneaker collector.  He was just introduced to the scene by his good friend and business partner, David Mariano in 2013.  His grail is a pair of Air Jordan 1 Chicago.   Who wouldn’t want to have a classic OG pair, right?. Being such a laid-back guy, Adrian’s sense of style is very simple, his staples are Vans and Nike Air Max 90.

If you are in Manila and dropping by Sneaks and Snacks,  look for Adrian, and he will gladly show your around.


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