"Vanpire" Off The Wall

In championing authenticity, creativity, and originality, which better advocate, none other than “off the wall” Vans?

We managed to hook up with local avid Vans collector, Deepie Lee, self-declared the “most loved yet hated individual in this SG scene.”

Read on for the juiciest scoop.

For the uninitiated, Vans is more than just a streetwear label worn by skateboarding punks.

Starting out in Southern California in 1966 as a humble family business, Vans has since evolved to be one of the largest street labels in the world, having a major influence in extreme sports, street culture, and more recently, in the realms of high street fashion.

At its core, going by the slogan “off the wall", Vans stands for unapologetic individualism, and while they are open to anybody, they are not for everybody.

For Deepie, collecting Vans is sneakerhead retro-cool, where it used to be easy buying rare sneakers way back in the early 2000s.

“I had the Sk8hi Supreme x Public Enemy way back… miss ‘em.”

Unlike the gruelling camp outs we see in today’s sneaker scene.

On his most memorable pair, it was definitely the Sk8hi Syndicate Ice-T, that inspired him to get workin’ on his Vans collection again.

“Had this pair tugged in my vault for a few years and at Sole Superior 2016 I wore them and that got me restarting the Vans collection I have now.”

With Vans as his choice walking shoe, he describes his fashion style as typical of guys, rather what’s more important is how well one presents himself.

“Tees, jeans, berms… We guys are limited by choice... Importantly guys must always stay fresh and smell good, not just to impress the ladies but it tells how well you groom yourself as a person.”

As a senior sales manager in a dynamic audio visual company by day, Deepie is a practical guy.

“Basically I moved from runners to skates for economical reasons… Runners are hard to maintain and own... I can buy Vans all day.”


When he’s not scouting for the next pair of cop-worthy Vans, you can find Deepie hangin’ at Tiong Bahru Bakery Tangs savouring French sweets with a cuppa.

But if he truly had his way, you just might spot him hunting down bloodsuckers of the night this Halloween season.

“If life was a movie, I would like to be in the lost boys… no doubt about that.”

Special Mentions

Din, Shambiz, Daniel Sanchez, Danial mok, Ipam

Much love to my ninjas Krystel and Yuki from Japan

Kudos to Waffle District, Strictly Waffles, Daily Vans Indonesia, and so many more

Super shout out to Naz a.k.a Furyboy for making SG dopekicks a wonderful place.

Last but not least, Thank You guys from SG Vans Waffles: Willy Wice and Jem Wong, and House of Vans Waffles: Denuse Jennings and my man Melo Jones!


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