Basics of Off-White

By Mia Fortugaleza, Quickstrikeasia Manila

It all began with Pyrex Vision, a fashion project that merely printed its own logo on Ralph Lauren flannel shirts and sold them at luxury brand prices. It was consequently featured in a fashion video that played around with the preconceived notions of getting out of the ghetto. Naturally, not everyone loved the idea. Unlike the usual avant-garde fashion pieces from well-known and properly educated fashion designers, the project was deemed “unoriginal.”

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Nevertheless, it didn’t stop American DJ and designer Virgil Abloh from upholding his beliefs about fashion, art, and style. In 2014, he established Milan-based high-end brand Off-White, which offers runway-approved everyday streetwear. As mentioned on their website, the brand draws inspiration from the current culture of the urban youth. It has earned the liking of celebrities such as Drake, Travis Scott, Rihanna, and Beyonce, who have all been spotted sporting some of their goods.

Image Credit: Virgil Abloh's IG

Taking off from Pyrex Vision’s graffiti roots, Off-White’s black and white striped logo, found in most of its pieces, symbolizes the brand’s continuity throughout the changing seasons and trends. Having designs ranging from dresses to pajama ensembles and shoes, Off-White proves to be versatile and timeless, just like the movement it perpetuates. Its name alone also serves as a statement regarding the creator’s intention of blurring the lines between black and white.

Image Credit: Off-White

Image Credit: Vogue

Despite his degree in architecture and civil engineering, Abloh has managed to work as a creative director for fellow Chicagoan Kanye West. Among his other collaborations include VLONE, Moncler, and Levi’s.

Image Credit: Billboard

In his most recent collaboration, Abloh redesigned ten iconic Nike pieces, giving them that controversial Off-White twist.

Image Credit: Hypebeast

Image Credit: Hypebeast

The full Virgil Abloh x Nike’s “The Ten” Collection drops this month.

So get out there and make sure you cop a pair!


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