The Overall on Sneaker Overhaul

By Mia Fortugaleza, Quickstrikeasia Manila

Like many others, it all began by trying to fund his growing sneaker collection.

IED Customs founder James Dycoco shares his love for customization with the rest of Manila at Sneaker Overhaul, the Philippines’ first custom sneaker workshop held at SM North EDSA.

People of different ages came out and tried their hand at designing their own sneakers. For Dycoco, customization isn’t just a hobby. It’s an art.

“People think we paint sneakers for the fun of it. I started Sneaker Overhaul for the main purpose of educating the common sneakerhead or anyone on how much work is put into customizing a pair.”

Although still a subject for debate in terms of value, could anyone really say no to totally unique, hype-inspired designs at more affordable prices?

Dycoco hopes to further promote customization by making materials readily available to those interested to get into the craft.

Dycoco wishes to thank Dex Laxamana, and sponsors such as Capital PH, Shoephoric, and Quickstrike Asia, among many others, for making this event happen.

For more updates on future custom sneaker events, follow IED Customs on Facebook and Instagram.

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