Patrick Plata: The Waffle Chef

By Jerome, Quickstrikeasia Manila

Set the table, put on your napkin, and sharpen those forks and knives, ‘cos here comes your regular serving of Food for the Sole.

Today’s dish is the all classic waffle a la carte topped with flavourful colour schemes and premium signature grooves. Tasty, right? And the person behind all this is none other than Patrick Plata, hailing from the Waffle District PH!

A pastry chef by profession, and of course, a certified kicks aficionado by passion! Food and sneakers? If it isn’t the most perfect combination we know.

His love for kicks started from the influence of his brother and friends. Since then, his collection has grown to 34 pairs today, and comprises mostly of, you guessed it, waffles! And he doesn't plan to stop.

“As long as there are new and awesome releases; I won’t quit!”

A true inspiration indeed! Like us sneakerheads, Patrick hustles for his most prized kicks.

“In my entire collection for me the hardest pairs that I acquired are Civilist X Vans and Stussy x Vans. Yeah, it’s hard since it is not locally released.”

He leaves us with a morsel of wisdom we could all use for our collections:

“Pick the pair that will best suit your personality.”

Follow Patrick Plata @cheffypats on Instagram for more yummy waffle feeds.


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