Not Just Another Girl: Jhosen Aragon

By Jerome, Quickstrikeasia Manila

It’s painfully rare to meet a girl who goes head over heels for kicks, rather than designer bags, make-up, and fancy dresses. Well, meet unusual it-girl Jhosen Aragon - waffles freak, hypebae, hustler.

Telco exec by day, her love affair with sneakers started way back when she was still in high school.

"I’m not the typical girl who loves to wear heels and dolls shoes. Not comfortable wearing those."


Jhosen sees to it that her pairs are not just displayed and untouched on her shelf. She wears and flaunts all of them on the streets – just where they should be.

"I only buy the pairs that I really want, just like what I have right now. I’m not willing to let go of any of my pairs today!"

Just like all of us, she hustled really hard to get one of her “dream pairs” – the Vaya Con Dios.

"I had no work back then so I really don’t know where to get money to pay for it. I even negotiated with the owner if I can give a down payment first just to prove that I am really interested in that pair!"

After a series of intense negotiations, the odds went in her favour. You Go Girl!

Despite being a sneaker fanatic, she leaves us with one golden tip we could all use.

“Heart over Hype! At the end of the day, it’s you who will use and wear that pair!”

For more waffle feeds, follow Jhosen Aragon @Dyosen on Instagram.

Apparels: @collectivedrop @fleshimp

Photos: @bad.jodjo (Quickstrike Asia) @jazzteentheyoung @peeboycorral



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