Rock, Stock or Drop

With so many releases this April, it's so tough to decide on which to rock, stock or drop. We narrowed our choices down to 3 of the most hyped kicks this month and checked in with fellow sneakerheads on their preferences.

Kicks in question:

Undftd x Adidas Ultraboost

Yeezy 500 Blush

Jordan 1 Shadows

What our fellow sneakerheads think:

AGNES CASANDRA LIE (Indonesia’s Sneaker Bae)


ROCK: Undftd x Adidas Ultraboost

“Very comfy, simple but stylish (I love monochrome black and white)”

STOCK: Jordan 1 Shadows

“It’s a retro shoe! Legend!”

DROP: Yeezy 500 Blush

“it looks weird and I think it only looks good on women’s feet”

NOHYPELAH (Sneaker Collector)


ROCK: Jordan 1 Shadows

“The more you use it the better it looks”

STOCK: Undftd x Adidas Ultraboost

“Stock until you hit the right aftermarket value #resellislife”

DROP: Yeezy 500 Blush

“it looks like shit”

JANZ (Sneaker collector & Entrepreneur)


ROCK: Jordan 1 Shadows

“NIKE is Life, Hahaha. One can never go wrong with J1. A classic silhouette and a pair that can go with any style. Be it you are rocking jeans or berms, it surely fits. Also, a classic silhouette that can fit any occasion. People wearing it for weddings as well.”

STOCK: Undftd x Adidas Ultraboost

“Not really a fan of Ultraboost but I see it as a masterpiece on the design and uniqueness. A simple collaboration design but worth to be a collection of UNDFTD. Besides NIKE UNDFTD, I think Adidas did it well with Ultraboost.”

DROP: Yeezy 500 Blush

“It is overrated actually. I think there are better dad shoes than this. Not really appealing for me but to some, they will add it to their Yeezy collection. Not a pair worth collecting because a few years later, price will drop. In fact, in the US the value of it has gone down a lot.”

And there you have it. 3 different views on 3 of the most hyped kicks this month.

To each his own. You can ROCK all you want, STOCK all you want and… oh forget it. What’s most important is you feel great owning or wearing your pair, no matter what the rest say!

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