Sneaker Game Master: Derrick Narciso

By Jerome, Quickstrikeasia Manila

We gotta admit. Hustling for our dream pair of sneakers is a big game of luck. Sometimes, it takes a royal straight flush or a perfect dice roll to have those nice pairs sitting right in the palm of your hands.

As a high stakes poker dealer, Derrick Narciso is not new to this elusive sneaker chase. He remembered betting countless chips to get the Nike Air Atmos 1.

It wasn’t really hard to acquire, rather, it was the amount of years I had to wait to get one.

His hunt started when he saw them gloriously displayed in a skate shop. Despite the desire he felt to get that pair, he had to let it go as he was still searching for a job and was unable to justify the purchase.

Years after, luck seemed to work in his favor when he won the Nike Vote Back Contest. Instinctively, he joined countless online raffles and searched near and far to get the pair. However, the gods of fortune still left him empty-handed.

By that time, I wanted to completely give up and move on from the sneaker game.”

But everything played out well in the end, all thanks to his wife who prodded him to search for it in the Facebook Marketplace. And viola! His stars aligned and out popped the perfect pair for the perfect price! After 11 long years, he finally got his hands on this iconic classic!

This was probably one of the happiest sneaker purchases I ever made.

Today, Derrick owns a giant collection of nearing 400 pairs which is insured for a whopping $55K! He loves that collecting sneakers is a hobby which enables him to connect with different people across the globe who share the same passion he has.

And what can aspiring sneaker collectors learn from him? He puts it simply:

Start with a small humble collection. Save up. Research the sneakers you really want, trawl the internet for the best price you can get and create bridges and connections.

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