Of Hot Kicks and Supercars

Meet Gede Arie Antara, Full-time serial entrepreneur, lifelong sneaker enthusiast.

His affinity with sneakers probably started off on the same foot (no pun intended) as everyone else - as a choice of daily footwear, which then escalated to an addiction in acquiring rare shoes that he dubs as his "personal trophies".

Sounds familiar?

But you'll be amazed at the size and worth of his collection. Currently holding about 1000 pairs of shoes, according to him they are worth enough to trade in for a supercar - another passion of his, being affiliated to Mini Inc, a small group of mini cooper enthusiasts in Jakarta, Indonesia.

His shoes and car collections are so huge, that he plans to tear down some rooms and parts of his house to store and display them all!

So what does he look out for when adding to his collection? Definitely one that is limited in supply and those which are for "friends and families" only, and of course a price that he is willing to pay for.

There is no sneaker too difficult to acquire, he says, if you have the money and also your reasons to justify the price. Currently, he is saving up for the eminem jordan.

"From all of the rarest shoes floating around in the market, the only problem is the price"

Unsurprisingly, the sneaker that was the hardest to acquire was one that did not fit his budget nor quality expectations.

"Waited for a year and a half to finally acquire the Red October, since at that time there was not 1 pair that fitted my budget and also condition."

He also makes sure to verify the authenticity of the kicks that he's eyeing, through inner circle friends who really know their stuff.

"Fakes are getting really good nowadays so i have a bunch of friends aka plugs to keep an eye on things that i want. I have different plugs for different types of shoes!"

Obviously, it takes lots of hustling to be in the sneaker game, and it's definitely not for the faint hearted.

To the budding sneakers collectors, he's got some serious advice:

"Collecting is not easy, but it is easy to buy on impulse. You need to have that kinda instinct and a road map for where you wanna go, where you wanna be and also how you wanna go there. There are tons of fakes out there, don't even touch those if you are serious about collecting. Importantly, always save some money and prepare yourself cos you will never know where it might lead you."

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