Air To The Throne: Dhanny Kurnaiwan

It's been a long time since Michael Jordan left the hardcourt for good. But it comes as no surprise that the ‘GOAT’ still burns eternally. Case in point: his iconic dunk is permanently etched in one of the world’s most loved sneakers of all time – the Air Jordan! 

Our main guy here, Dhanny Kurnawian, can very well agree with that.

He is no exemption to the jumpman silhouette obsession that has struck millions of kicks aficionados worldwide. He began his sneakers affair because of his love for basketball.

Today, Dhanny owns more than 50 pairs of Air Jordan 1 alone!

“I am focusing on Jordan 1 because of its rich history and the classic silhouette trademark.”

When scouting for additions to his growing ensemble, Dhanny said that he would always go for the rustic and the vintage. He delights in regaling admirers with the histories and stories behind the beautiful kicks sitting on his shelf.

Adding more charm to his retro collection is his most valuable purchase ever – the Air Jordan 1 x Off White – which also happens to be one of the most coveted pairs in the Jordan series.

As always, it's always about that hustle in acquiring those dream kicks. The key, he recounted, is always through building good relationships with fellow sneakerheads.

Well, we couldn’t agree more! But more importantly, it's never about following the hype and just being yourself.

“Buy what you like because at the end what’s important is how it makes you smile.”

For more vintage kick feeds, follow Dhanny via instagram @ flockr_


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