At the feet of the sneaker game

His love affair with sneakers started way back when he saw all the cool kicks his dad was wearing to work. Think Air Force Ones, Huaraches, Stan Smiths and also the Reebok Classics, those lit or what!

It was no wonder that at 16 years old, Danial Mok was hooked into the sneaker game and has been at it ever since.

With a sizeable 200 pairs in his stash (and already trimmed by a hundred!), if the 36 year old sports TV broadcaster had his way, he would have had all his favourite models - Flyknit Racer, Flyknit Trainer, Air Max 1 and Air Zoom Spiridon - in every colourway available.

So what do these models have in common that caught his eye? Besides their beauty, he is also intrigued by the technology used.

As a diehard sneakerhead, the hustle never ends. His toughest cop was the Black/Grey Flyknit Racer released in 2013.

"I didn’t realized that Nike came up with a 2nd version for it. The only difference was that the version 1 had white flywire and the version 2 had black flywire on it. It was already a couple of months after the release date. I started to search for them on forums and online shops. Few months later a friend of mine in London told me that there was guy selling it on Klekt. Got in touch with the seller and I managed to get them without paying crazy amount for it."


His holy grail? The Tokyo Olympic 2020 Flyknit Racers!

"Those are really beautiful but crazy expensive."

So what was the most expensive pair he has ever owned?

"Probably a pair of Supreme Blazers and the Stash Air Max BW for $500-$600 each."

However, it takes hard research and a practiced eye to get a real steal. For collectors, especially the rookies, it's important to acquire the knowledge to spot fakes on the sneakers you plan to cop.

His advice:

"Ask around or do some research on the internet. This will save you from all the trouble and drama."

And to those who want to get in on the hustle, he cautions to start small, and do not buy shoes outside your means.

"Don’t buy because of the hype, buy what you like."

His hustle for sneakers extends further into the collective SPOKA, that shares the same passion for sneakers and streetwear, and is currently in the process of producing its own brand label!

Before we end off, he would like to give a shout out to the following:

QSA for giving him the opportunity to be featured, the Spoka crew and also his Flyknit Family for always helping him out in copping sneakers.

And most importantly to our QSA followers and readers, hope you guys are doing well and God bless.

For more dazzling kick feeds, follow Danial at Danial Mok on Facebook, and @danialmok and @spokasg on Instagram.

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