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At the feet of the sneaker game

His love affair with sneakers started way back when he saw all the cool kicks his dad was wearing to work. Think Air Force Ones, Huaraches, Stan Smiths and also the Reebok Classics, those lit or what! It was no wonder that at 16 years old, Danial Mok was hooked into the sneaker game and has been at it ever since. With […]

Air To The Throne: Dhanny Kurnaiwan

It’s been a long time since Michael Jordan left the hardcourt for good. But it comes as no surprise that the ‘GOAT’ still burns eternally. Case in point: his iconic dunk is permanently etched in one of the world’s most loved sneakers of all time – the Air Jordan!  Our main guy here, Dhanny Kurnawian, can very well agree with […]

Of Hot Kicks and Supercars

Meet Gede Arie Antara, Full-time serial entrepreneur, lifelong sneaker enthusiast. His affinity with sneakers probably started off on the same foot (no pun intended) as everyone else – as a choice of daily footwear, which then escalated to an addiction in acquiring rare shoes that he dubs as his “personal trophies”. Sounds familiar? But you’ll be amazed at the size […]

In the limelight: Sneaker Pimps Singapore

So, here’s the full list of show-stoppers from last Saturday Sneaker Pimps Singapore edition. Sneaker Pimp is the world’s largest sneaker exhibition and street based art show. Our friends from Singapore definitely did not fail to impress despite the unpredictable weather, we have seen heats all over knocking down the heavy downpour. Check them out here: Shoutout to our friends […]

Sneaker Game Master: Derrick Narciso

By Jerome, Quickstrikeasia Manila We gotta admit. Hustling for our dream pair of sneakers is a big game of luck. Sometimes, it takes a royal straight flush or a perfect dice roll to have those nice pairs sitting right in the palm of your hands. As a high stakes poker dealer, Derrick Narciso is not new to this elusive sneaker […]

Not Just Another Girl: Jhosen Aragon

By Jerome, Quickstrikeasia Manila It’s painfully rare to meet a girl who goes head over heels for kicks, rather than designer bags, make-up, and fancy dresses. Well, meet unusual it-girl Jhosen Aragon – waffles freak, hypebae, hustler. Telco exec by day, her love affair with sneakers started way back when she was still in high school. “I’m not the typical […]