Final Cut: Sneaks & Snacks

In our final cut of our series on Manila’s latest hotspot, Sneaks and Snacks, Philippines first-ever  sneaker shop x burger bar,    let’s have a look at some of their mouth-watering fare, that is lives up to their tagline, “gourmet not fast food.” As you are digging into these slices of prime beef and fries sprinkled with truffle oil — your eyes […]

Meet the Sneaks & Snacks Squad (Part II)

L to R : Joey Layno, Jonathan Conti, Steve Mocsoy We’re back with our next installment of the squad behind Philippines’ first-ever  Sneaker x Burger Bar,  Sneaks and Snacks. If you missed our feature on this newest joint in Metro Manila, check out our earlier feature, When Kicks & Bites Collide. Today, we bring to light 3 gentlemen, working professionals in […]


  Amsterdam, The Netherlands –  Quickstrikeasia travelled far and wide to bring you our exciting feature for this month. She has this flair that makes you shake your head and whistle. There’s something alluring yet so mysterious about her. Today we unmask Nicole Desiree,   Indonesia-Dutch #hypebae  who goes by the IG call sign @ninpoi.  What makes her tick? and […]

Meet the Squad behind Sneaks & Snacks: (Part I)

Have you heard about the freshest concept restaurant in Quezon City, Philippines? Last week, we gave you a peek of  Sneaks & Snacks, the latest fusion of savoury bites and drool-worthy kicks.   Sneaks and Snacks is the first ever Sneaker Shop x Burger Bar in the Philippines. This week, we are bringing you a series of  exclusive feature behind the  Founding […]

Quickstrikeasia topbills Janz Abdullah

Skatepark, Singapore –  Janz Abdullah,  one of Southeast Asia’s pioneering sneaker collectors, known for his rare finds that even sneakerheads could only gawk in envy,         sat down with Quickstrikeasia. Janz shared his passion for Nike SBs, and gave some insights for young, junior sneaker enthusiasts who want to follow his footsteps. Click on the link below and […]